Full Spectrum Manufacturing

With hundreds of ready-to-brand products, complete with packaging options and scalable manufacturing, the CoFactor Portfolio offers high quality and quick-to-market solutions across multiple categories:

> Cosmetics & Skincare

> CBD & Cannabinoid Products

> Shampoos & Conditioners

> Medical Aesthetics

> Soaps, Cleansers, & Personal Care

> Topical & OTC Pharmaceutical

> Natural Cleaning

CoFactor’s roots are in the laboratory and formulation world and it has strategically developed its batching, filling, and packaging operations to retain the same high levels of competency and flexibility. 

CoFactor specializes in providing early to mid-stage brands end-to-end manufacturing with assured quality, low minimums, and quick turnaround.

Complex Batching

> Multi-phase Processing

> Poorly Soluble Compounds

> Precision Controlled Emulsions

> Highly Volatile Actives

Flexible Filling

> Cosmetic Packaging

> Bottles, Pumps, Tubes, & Jars

> Creams, Gels, & Liquids

> Large Format & Bulk

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