CoFactor drives innovation by leveraging emerging research with best practices gleaned from decades of leadership in the cosmetic and applied therapeutics industries

Foundational Systems

Whether your focus is delivery of vitamins, CBD, nutraceuticals, or other therapeutic ingredients, it is vitally important to build on a foundational system that reliably, safely, and effectively delivers those key constituents intact.  The base is important. 

CoFactor can match a reference product, build from scratch, or customize a foundational system from the CoFactor Portfolio to optimize the stability, quality, and manufacturability of your product.

Topical and Transdermal Delivery Systems

Some ingredients work on the surface of the skin (SPF and suncare products, bronzers, etc). To maximize efficacy, other compounds need to penetrate deeper into the epidermal and dermal layers (vitamins, drug actives, CBD, etc). 

CoFactor has developed a range of techniques and chemical technologies to enhance the delivery of key ingredients to target depths, providing opportunity to enhance your product with tailored topical and deep tissue delivery systems. 

CBD and Cannabinoid Chemistry

As one of the early pioneers in topical CBD chemistry, CoFactor chemists have developed numerous innovations for solubilizing, stabilizing and delivering these challenging yet sought-after ingredients in a variety of product modalities.  

Natural and Sustainable Formulations

Demand for natural and sustainable products continues to rise. Consumers are more and more focused on their health and well-being and search out products supportive of this.  

CoFactor is a leader in this field and has developed alternative chemistries enabling the removal of ingredients of concern from everyday products and their replacement with safer, more sustainable solutions.

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